NFS Cirrus Throttle Console

NFS Cirrus Throttle Console


•    Heavy 18-gauge steel sheet metal enclosure
•    Adjustable friction for throttle and mixture motion
•    Hall effect sensors for both throttle and mixture axes

•    Flap switch with realistic LED color and delayed timing

•    Takeoff/Go Around button on throttle handle
•    Choice of 2-position or 3-position fuel pump switch
•    Left/Right/Off fuel selector lever

•    USB hub for easy cable management (AC power adapter not included)
•    1 year warranty


  • A computer running Windows 10 or MacOS 10.8 or above.

  • A free USB port to connect the USB cable from the back of the side stick device.

  • If high current drawing peripherals are to be plugged into the USB hub, an AC adapter with DC output of 5V 1.0A is recommended.  The plug size is 3.5mm x 1.3mm (not included)


The NFS Cirrus throttle console is a sturdy realistic representation of the Cirrus Aircraft SR Series center console.  All the handles, knobs, and switches have been placed in the exact same spot as the real aircraft in efforts to aid the pilot in practicing procedural flows from the comfort of their home.

The two position flap switch is faithfully reproduced along with the colored LED lighting delay to simulate the flaps deployment time.

The sensing platform is based on high-resolution, multi-axes hall effect sensors.  This allows the motion of both the throttle and mixture axes to be free from physical rubbing that is present from using traditional potentiometers.  The result is long-term reliability without the need to replace aging or worn out parts.  The physical friction knob allows the user to adjust the friction of the range of motion to the desired level.