NFS Cirrus Side Stick Yoke

NFS Cirrus Side Stick Yoke


•    ¾” aluminum square-tube shaft 
•    Heavy 18-gauge steel sheet metal enclosure
•    Pitch and aileron trim hat switch
•    Hall effect sensors for pitch and roll
•    USB hub for easy cable management (AC power adapter not included)
•    Push-to-Talk (PTT) button
•    Field of View adjustment (when PTT button is depressed and trim hat is engaged)
•    1 year warranty


  • A computer running Windows 10 or MacOS 10.8 or above.

  • A free USB port to connect the USB cable from the back of the side stick device.

  • If high current drawing peripherals are to be plugged into the USB hub, an AC adapter with DC output of 5V 1.0A is recommended.  The plug size is 3.5mm x 1.3mm (not included)


The NFS Cirrus side stick yoke provides roughly +/- 4.5 cm (3.5” total) of longitudinal travel (pitch) and +/- 35 degrees (70 degrees total) of rotational travel (roll).  The roll axis is offset from the longitudinal axis just like the real aircraft.  This accurately reproduces the motion resulting from the pronation/supination of the human forearm.

The sensing platform is based on high-resolution, multi-axes hall effect sensors.  This allows the motion of both the longitudinal axis and rotational axis to be free from physical rubbing that is present from using traditional potentiometers.  The result is long-term reliability without the need to replace aging or worn out potentiometers.