Improve your Cirrus flight sim experience with our NFS Cirrus side yoke.  Inspired by the actual aircraft mechanism, this yoke has a square tube with a roll pivot point slightly below the linear axis.  This yoke uses precision bearings for an ultra smooth motion and hall effect sensors ensure precision and long term reliability.  




  • Windows / Mac OS plug and play. No drivers needed, simply run the default calibration procedure.
  • Built in 2 port USB hub to help with cable management and to decrease the number of cables running to the back of your PC
    • DC port available if USB power is desired for high power componetnts plugged into hub. (not required for yoke or typical USB hub usage).  5V 2A 3.5 x 1.3mm plug (not included)
  • Left hand yoke handle with push to talk, AP disconnect and 4-way trim buttons.
  • 4-way trim switch serves as point of view (POV) hat when PTT trigger button held down.
  • Two mounting options:
    • clamp to desk using included mounting bracket
    • permanently mount to your desk.



Package Includes:


  • NFS Cirrus side yoke
  • 6' USB cable
  • Desk clamp bracket


**Right hand models available by special order**



NFS Cirrus Side Stick Yoke