Improve your Cirrus flight sim experience with our NFS Cirrus throttle console.  Inspired by the actual aircraft mechanism, this unit features high resolution hall effect sensors ensure precision and long term reliability.  


Why you will love it!

  • Realistic mechanism and smooth motion
  • Windows 10 plug and play. No drivers needed.  Comes factory calibrated
  • Built in 2 port USB hub to help with cable management 
  • All metal construction
  • TOGA button
  • Friction adjustment
  • Realistic flaps LED movement
  • Choice of 3 position or 2 position (G6 SR20) fuel pump switch
  • Stable 4 leg design with height adjustable screw feet.  Recommended standard desk height of 29" when used with the NFS Cirrus flight deck.

NFS Cirrus ThrottleConsole