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Chet Milensky
Feb 26, 2021
In Bug Reports
First off, I'm really happy so far with the new rig and software - it truly makes a huge difference in the simulation having your software. I ran across a really minor bug today that should be easy to fix. If you have a flight plan and have loaded an approach procedure for the arrival airport, there is a problem when you invert the flight plan. On the real G1000, when you go to Menu-> Invert Flight Plan it will invert the flight plan and waypoints BUT it will delete the Approach Procedure. On the Noble software, the Approach is not deleted and converts to waypoints coming off the (now) departure airport which makes for a lengthy departure flight. Simple fix is to delete the loaded procedure when the "Invert Flight Plan" Menu option is selected. Thanks again!

Chet Milensky

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