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It is important to us to offer you the most realistic simulation experience in order to improve your aeronautical skills in a real world scenario. NFS is continuously working on improvement to bring you a sim that works and feels just like the real aircraft.
Keep your software up to date to take advantage of all that the NFS software has to offer.

Current NFS software version: Version 1.3.6

Software update:  August, 2023

As we have grown and matured as a company the last few years, the goal posts for our product development have gradually moved backwards as the expectations of our customers keep increasing. We view this as a good thing because we are very much in tune with our user base and their needs!  As such, we are in the middle of a major code rewrite to drastically improve our product and its capabilities.


Earlier this year we hired a new software development manager who brings a wealth of knowledge to the NFS team.  Having previously built two full stack avionics projects, this individual brings a wealth of knowledge and energy to the NFS team and has been instrumental in our ability to further our product to meet our ultimate vision.

As promised, software updates will come to you at no expense.  Again, we thank you so much for your support and patience while we work to bring you NFS 2.0! 

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