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NFS G1000 PLUS in certified AATD

I would like to thank Noble Flight Sim for this awesome replica unit. It is the best pieces in the market, for sure!

At this moment, your "NFS G1000 PLUS" unit is being used in our certified flight simulator, for real life pilot's graduation courses such as: Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot (single and multi engine pilot trainings), Instrument Pilot (IFR), Basic and Advanced Glass Cockpit Training, Single-Pilot Resource Management course and even for the Cessna C172 Skyhawk SP G1000 ground school course.

So, as you can see, your units are so good that we are using them for real life pilot's formation (under a Certified Flight Instructor's supervision and used in a legal pilot school).

Vinicius A.

Sao Jose dos Campos, SP, Brazil

Aeroclube de Sao Jose dos Campos



Got everything up and running.  Thanks!

Frank P.

Sydney, Australia


NFS G1000

Everything arrived perfectly. These units look awesome!  Thank you!   I'll send pictures once I'm done with it.  


Thanks again. You do great work. I'll also let others know about your product.

A. Fang  



NFS G1000 PLUS in AATD courtesy of F2Si 

F2Si is very pleased in the NFS G1000 product we integrated into one of our FAA AATD Diamond DA20/40 devices. We have used actual G1000 hardware in the past and the NFS bezels are extremely similar in look and feel to the real thing. The NFS G1000 will be used to train students at a Flight School on the complexities of the Garmin G1000 avionics system.  Noble’s engineering support team was incredible to work with!


Pittsburgh, PA

Granite DA40 (1).jpg

NFS G1000

The quality of your product is very good but the best part is your excellent support. Thank you.


Central America


NFS G1000

I love your G1000!   You have done a first rate job!  Thanks.


R. Broadbent