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Make your Cirrus sim dream a reality with the complete NFS Cirrus solution!  The NFS SR Series Desktop unit is our most affordable solution, but we didn't leave anything out!  Developed by Cirrus pilots, this system will not only pay for itself, but regular simulation training has been shown to improve pilot performance and overall safety. 

- NFS PROFESSIONAL G1000CP Simulation software ($999 value)

- Your Choice of NFS Cirrus SR Series flight model (SR20, SR22NA, SR22T).  Additional 2 flight models available for purchase.

- NFS G1000 Cirrus Perspective system with 12.1" ultra high quality LED LCD panels  with 179 degree viewing angle

- NFS Cirrus side yoke

- NFS Cirrus throttle

- Backlighted silicone buttons and bezel

- Placard sticker sheets to match your aircraft fuel flows, fuel pump operation and fuel quantity

- Cirrus FIKI bolster panel complete with dimmable backlighting, ignition switch and momentary FIKI buttons

- Sturdy steel desktop panel mount

- Perspective G3/G5 or Perspective+G6 GCU

- All required cables

- Preconfigured Gravity GT2 high performance flight sim PC by Jetline Systems

- Concierge remote familiarization session with our world-class NFS tech support

- Choice of scenery display(s)

  • 50" 4K LED TV (shown above)
  • 49" Curved Gaming Monitor
  • 3 x 50" 4K LED TV array

- Logitech Pro Flight rudder pedals

- Desk with pre-drillled holes for yoke mounting

- X-Plane 11 digital license

- 1 year warranty (recommended 3 year service contract available. Please contact sales for additional information)


- BATD configuration comes with separate 24" instructors operating station on mobile base, CAPS button and the ability to log time for flight training and IFR currency in accordance with Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) § 61.4(c).


**This product is not affiliated with nor is it endorsed by Garmin International.**

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